the adoption of

renewable energy.

Accelerating the adoption of renewable energyAccelerating the adoption of renewable energy

Our road to delivering renewable energy is paved with tenacity.

Driven by a mission to help solve the world’s energy problems, Borrego has spent the last 40+ years engineering, optimizing, installing, and maintaining large-scale solar & storage projects. Our time-tested processes, long-term relationships, and corporate culture are all built around our core principles of trust and transparency. Looking at the road ahead, we’re excited to further accelerate decarbonization while fueling our customers’ growth.


Long record of success

Over the last 40 years, Borrego has established itself as one of the nation’s most reliable solar and energy storage companies, known for its focus on safety, integrity, quality, and deep staff expertise. From our early days as a solar pioneer and now a leading national solar and energy storage company, we’ve grown steadily and sustainably, with a solid balance sheet and consistent profitability in an industry known for its ups and downs. To date, we’ve built more than 1.2 gigawatt of solar and 350+ MWh of energy storage — including some of the nation’s most groundbreaking energy storage use cases. We also have more than a gigawatt of utility-scale and commercial solar systems under our O&M management.

A long record of success with accelerating growth for solar energy storage

Showing technical expertise throughout an energy project's life cycle

Deep technical expertise

Our team of skilled engineers*, construction managers, electricians, and technicians optimize each system and guide our customers toward better decisions at critical points in every project’s life. We understand the longitudinal path of clean energy projects, from an idea through a worksite to an operating asset that performs well in the long run.


Trust and transparency

With a culture based on collaboration and teamwork and a stable leadership team that values long-term relationships and transparency, we earn the confidence of utilities, IPP customers, system owners, employees, and business partners.

Trust and teamwork shown when working with IPP customers, system owners, employees, and business partners

Clean energy

Mission Driven Strategy

Since the beginning, our company mission — to accelerate the adoption of renewable energy — has stayed constant and guided all our strategic decisions. With demand for large-scale clean energy at its highest point in history and the industry shifting from megawatts to gigawatts, we’ve refocused our business to include utility-scale solar, along with large-commercial and community solar, standalone energy storage, and solar plus storage projects.


An engaging team culture

Our vibrant company culture encourages new ideas and innovation, fosters trust and teamwork, and values time for personal and professional growth.

A battle of the bands concert at the Borrego summit demonstrating our vibrant company culture

“Four years from now we want to be able to look in the mirror and say we are making a real contribution to solving the world’s energy problems since our mission is to accelerate the adoption of renewable energy. Not that we are working towards it, but that we are doing it now.

Mike Hall
Mike Hall


40 years of stable growth


Company Founded

Borrego starts as an off-grid residential installer in Borrego Springs, CA


Borrego Solar Systems, Inc. is created

Company re-founded in San Diego as residential grid tied provider by Hall brothers


East Coast Expansion

Company expands from California to Massachusetts, immediately taking leadership position
in a new market.



Borrego restructures to focus on commercial EPC and development


New York Expansion

Borrego expands development and EPC businesses to New York


Launch of Stand Alone O&M Business

Operations and maintenance for EPC and non-EPC customers


Midwest Expansion and Launch Energy Storage

Borrego begins development and EPC services in Midwest through our Chicago office.

Borrego begins offering storage to our customers


Gigawatt Revolution

Borrego launches “Gigawatt Revolution”, splitting into 3 businesses and expanded market focus


Utility Scale Focus

Borrego begins developing and building utility-scale projects; grows into ME & VA.


Development business is carved out & Anza launches

Borrego spins off & sells development business.

Anza is publicly launched.

Borrego active in 32 states in the U.S.

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