the adoption of

renewable energy.

Our road to delivering renewable energy is paved with tenacity.

Driven by a mission to help solve the world’s energy problems, Borrego has spent the last 40 years developing, optimizing, delivering, and maintaining large-scale solar & storage projects. Looking at the road ahead, we’re pushing toward a new goal of becoming the leading U.S. provider of solar & energy storage by 2024.


Long record of success

Over the last 40 years, we’ve built more than 850 MW of solar and have more than 1 GW of utility-scale and commercial systems under management. From our early days as a solar pioneer and now a leading national solar and energy storage provider, we’ve grown steadily and sustainably — with a solid balance sheet and consistent profitability in an industry known for its ups and downs.


Deep technical expertise

Our team of skilled engineers, construction managers, electricians, and technicians optimize each system and guide our customers toward better decisions at critical points in every project’s life. We understand the longitudinal path of clean energy projects, from an idea through a worksite to an operating asset that performs well in the long run.


Trust and transparency

With a culture based on collaboration and teamwork and a stable leadership team that values long-term relationships, we earn the confidence of utilities, IPP customers, system owners, employees, and business partners.


Mission Driven Strategy

Since the beginning, our company mission — to accelerate the adoption of renewable energy — has stayed constant and guided all our strategic decisions. With demand for large-scale clean energy at its highest point in history and the industry shifting from megawatts to gigawatts, we’ve refocused our business to include utility-scale, along with large-commercial and community solar.


An engaging team culture

Our vibrant company culture encourages new ideas and innovation, fosters trust and teamwork, and values time for personal and professional growth.

“Four years from now we want to be able to look in the mirror and say we are making a real contribution to solving the world’s energy problems since our mission is to accelerate the adoption of renewable energy. Not that we are working towards it, but that we are doing it now.

Mike Hall

Our History

40 Years of Solar Expertise

Borrego’s company history is a lot like the solar industry — from our humble beginnings in the early days of off-grid solar, to our evolution as one of the nation’s largest privately held large-scale solar and energy storage providers.



Borrego launches a new leaf logo that holds onto our long heritage but communicates our new focus on utility-scale renewable energy.

2020 – 2018


Company kicked off a “Gigawatt Revolution” and restructured the business into 3 independent businesses to achieve the goal of being the largest utility-scale & commercial solar & storage provider nationwide.


Borrego reached a significant milestone of having completed more than 500 megawatts of solar energy projects.

2016 – 2015


Borrego formally launched its Energy Storage Division.


On our 35th anniversary, Borrego expanded its solar operations and maintenance (O&M) to non-EPC customers. We provided an experienced partner to monitor, maintain, and operate existing systems.

2013 – 2009


As awareness of solar technology increased and more state governments found creative ways to incentivize installations, the solar industry as a whole grew exponentially. This drove an expansion into new markets. In 2013 we opened an office in New York.


In 2009, Borrego shifted its strategic direction to focus exclusively on large commercial solar. We moved from installing kilowatts to megawatts.



In California, we served increasing demands for clean energy solutions, while other states with notoriously high energy costs—like Massachusetts—took notice. In 2007, we opened an office outside of Boston.



In 2001, the company focused on grid-tied solar installations for homeowners and small businesses. We opened an office in San Diego, and steadily grew the customer list. Our Berkeley office opened in 2003 and Mike Hall joined the company as co-founder.



Borrego Solar was established in 1980 by Dr. James Rickard, a San Diego State University Professor of astrophysics, and Hall family friend. The nearby Anza-Borrego Desert State Park inspired our name.

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