Supercharge your

module procurement

Increase your project value with modules optimized for your needs.

Supercharging module procurementSupercharging module procurement

Anza delivers the best solar PV modules for your project on demand.

New from Borrego: Anza is a proprietary solar module software and consulting solution that provides modules optimized for your project every time — resulting in ongoing net present value creation. Anza also provides real-time pricing and module availability.

Low-Cost Solar Modules

Low-Cost Solar Modules, Available Now

Anza delivers Tier One solar modules for your project when you need them. You have access to modules we have already procured, at locked-in prices that are no longer available on the market, as well as new procurements. We offer an attractive pool of modules at competitive rates with module contracts that are already executed. The contracts include custom negotiated supply agreements, with forced-labor exclusions and custom warranties that we can achieve through our long-standing supply chain relationships and buying power at the gigawatt-scale annually. 


Simplified Decision-Making

Save time with Anza. It takes minimal time on your part, and two days lead time on ours, to see your project’s module and NPV ranking. This ranking report shows you the modules that meet your project schedule and provide the most project value.

Simplified Decision-Making for NPV rankings

Anza Benefits NPV Gained Through Optimization

NPV Gained Through Optimization

Anza’s technology platform evaluates and optimizes all the factors impacting project performance. Using your project inputs, our procurement, financing, EPC cost expertise, and solar module PAN file extensive analysis, we provide you with accurate, real-time pricing information and a module NPV ranking report that solves for the most net present value creation.

Generate project value
through Anza’s features:

  • Real-time solar module pricing and product availability
  • Project value-based module ranking with your custom project inputs or general conditions
  • Logistics management services and warehousing
  • Anza is available independently from Borrego EPC services

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