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Optimizing performance for better decisions in the solar marketplaceOptimizing performance for better decisions in the solar marketplace

Is your solar plant
We can help.

When it comes to plant underperformance, root-cause analysis and field diagnostics testing and investigation can uncover complex problems that routine maintenance may not. Borrego O&M resolves these issues through performance engineering and repairs or upgrades, helping to bring solar plant production back to optimal levels.

“We’ve worked with Borrego’s O&M Special Projects Team on a few occasions and have found them to have good communication and schedule adherence, and a quality work product.”

Katelyn Edgar
Asset Manager

Solar Plant Diagnostic Tools

We use in-field technology to perform site investigations combined with desktop reviews of DAS performance data and preventative and corrective maintenance case data to perform root cause analysis. Aerial drone flyovers and thermography analysis software can help reveal hot spots that warrant further on-site investigation. Further in-field testing is done following our equipment and manufacturer-specific technician iPhone checklists.

Using data-driven decision making in the solar workplace
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Solar Plant Repair & Upgrades

From our site diagnostic and root cause analysis work, we make recommendations for performance improvement. Putting our decades of solar engineering and construction experience to use, our O&M Special Projects team provides system owners quality engineered designs that meet code, permit, and utility requirements. Our field technicians perform the installation work, or we work with one of our preferred subcontractor partners all while keeping the project on time and on budget. Learn more about our full suite of upgrade and replacement services.

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