OCTOBER 11, 2019

How IPPs — and landowners — get the most value from large-scale ground mounted solar farms

In this video, discover how Borrego brings together all the expertise necessary to develop and build ground mounted solar farms — from responsible land development straight through to construction and energy production. Hear from some of our most experienced team members as they share what we’ve learned after nearly 20 years of installing ground mounted solar systems on every feasible type of site.

Landowners interested in leasing their land for a community solar project will learn about how we focus on building trust and transparency throughout the process — from the moment we first shake hands to when we energize the system and begin pushing power onto the grid.

Large-scale system owners and independent power producers (IPPs) will learn how we’ve put safety and continuous improvement at the core of our processes — enabling us to deliver cost effective, high value, and high quality solar power plants safely.

Solar Land Development

Ground mount solar is basically a land use project in which we’re developing greenfield property or virgin land and permitting a use. Our job as land developers is to identify the right parcels of land suitable for utility scale solar power projects. We then work with landowners to help them understand the best solar farm land lease terms we can offer.

Reduced Lead Times and Better Value

Our teams — including development, solar engineering, and operations — meet early to understand the utility timelines, evaluate risks, and anticipate any environmental or geotechnical issues. We communicate these details with all stakeholders and customers to provide solutions that will deliver the most value from each utility scale solar project. 

Accelerating the Adoption of Renewable Energy

As a mission driven company, our goal is to accelerate the adoption of renewable energy. Our typical ground mount solar projects range in size from 2 megawatts (MW) to 12 MW, and most of them also have energy storage. The solar farms can power hundreds to thousands of homes at a time. We’ve also begun to add pollinator plants to benefit the local honey bee and butterfly populations on more of our utility scale projects.

Decades of Experience with Solar Ground Mount Systems

As the largest privately-held solar and energy storage company in the United States, Borrego has deep experience installing all types of ground mounted solar arrays. We know how to handle complex sites and mitigate risk to build solar plants that meet our customers specs and are line with utility requirements. We’ve worked with every type of ground mount solar panel and racking system including fixed tilt angle and single axis solar tracker. Landowners and IPPs alike know they’re in good hands with Borrego.

We hope you enjoy the video!

Borrego Staff

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