JANUARY 24, 2021

New Year, New Leaf: Introducing our Bold New Brand

After a year like 2020, everyone is eager to turn over a New Leaf. At Borrego, we’re doing just that with a rebranding initiative that highlights our bold new goals and a simplified name. It represents a simple, clear direction as we draw on 40 years of experience and success to grow into larger projects, focusing on utility-scale renewable energy.

First off, we are now Borrego. While solar remains the foundation of our work, we are branching out and expanding our efforts to accelerate renewable energy adoption to meet increasing demand.

Secondly, our updated logo — our New Leaf, so to speak — is simplified and modern, with the leaf’s veins representing the decision points in our projects. We pride ourselves on helping our customers make better decisions because of our deep expertise and experience that we have in this industry. We kept the leaf symbol because we are proud of our heritage, but it’s now bolder and a brighter green to call attention to our bold new agenda.

And lastly, you’ll see an updated color palette — bright colors that make a strong statement about our bold vision, our vibrant team, and our commitment to diversity and inclusion.

You’ll see our all of this new branding throughout our updated website, which is at a fresh URL – www.borregoenergy.com – reflecting our expanded vision.

Borrego’s New Tagline Is “Powering Your Growth”

We believe our new tagline speaks to all of our stakeholders: customers, suppliers and employees. With customers, we are laser-focused on developing and delivering clean energy opportunities that drive their business growth. With our Borrego team, we will continue to foster a workplace that invests in our employees’ well-being, professionally and personally.

As Our Industry Evolves, So Do We

Borrego is expanding our focus to pursue utility-scale solar and energy storage opportunities. We have restructured the company so that our development, EPC and O&M arms operate independently – each competing in the market yet drawing on each other’s strengths when needed. Our new strategy emphasizes building long-term relationships with the leading independent power producers (IPPs) and utilities in the market.

In line with our new strategic direction, our EPC has broadened its focus to embrace utility-scale solar and energy storage projects. Our O&M group continues to marry decades of experience with data-driven insights to optimize how we manage large solar and energy storage plants for asset owners. Finally, our own development group is taking on larger and more complex utility projects. The goals for all three groups are now expressed in gigawatts, and we know our team can measure up to the challenge.

Never Forget Your Roots

Even though the winds of change are blowing, our roots keep us grounded. We pride ourselves on bringing a depth of experience to every decision, and that will not change. We remain committed to providing fair and timely information, maintaining transparency and sharing honest insights even when it is hard, and never minimizing challenges.

Our people are the critical differentiator. We attract smart, passionate and experienced solar and energy storage professionals, and our senior management team brings decades of experience to the mix. Working together, we are a living, breathing organism that is clearing the air of old ideas.

Let Us Know What You Think

As we refresh some ideas and expand on others, our mission remains the same: to solve the world’s energy problems by accelerating the adoption of renewable energy. We would love to hear from you regarding these changes and address any questions or concerns you might have, whether you’re a Borrego customer, supplier or employee.

We are excited to start a new year and new endeavors with all of you!

Mike Hall

Chief Executive Officer

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