DECEMBER 18, 2018

Borrego’s Leading Approach to Designing and Installing Solar Carports

In this video, leaders from Borrego’s development, operations and engineering team talk about how we approach solar carport construction and how, as a leading solar carport installer, we’re maximizing value for customers. Specifically, the different phases of a project (development, design, engineering, construction), our focus on safety, working with an engineering-focused company, and the different technology and financing options. There’s also plenty of solar carport beauty shots.

Commercial solar carports offer many benefits

We’ve been excited about carports for a while because of how our customers have been able to monetize parking areas for energy production while providing safer and sheltered places for employees and visitors to park. It’s been especially gratifying to complete so many solar carport installations for schools on parking lots as carports but also as shaded areas for students on playgrounds. Solar carports or elevated shade structures are a versatile way for customers to integrate renewable energy into their sites.

We’ve been working hard on bringing down the costs of commercial solar carport installation for our customers through smarter collaboration with our subcontractors and by improving efficiencies in our processes. To remain focused on the goal of delivering the best value to our customers, we’ve created a carport product team that is tasked with refining our product choices and processes. Hear more about this in our video.

Borrego Staff

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