AUGUST 2, 2016

sPower Shoreham Solar (Leavenworth)- 14.3 MWdc

A 14.3MWdc fixed-tilt ground mount solar energy project in PSEG-Long Island utility load zone in Shoreham, New York. This project was built by Borrego Solar Systems, Inc. and given permission to operate in June of 2016. The solar project is owned by Sustainable Power Group (sPower) and was part of PSEG-Long Island’s Clean Solar Initiative Feed-in Tariff. All the clean energy produced by this 14.3MWdc solar installation (approximately 19,061,000 kWhs per year) is being purchased by PSEG-Long Island so the utility can meet its renewable portfolio standards (RPS) and continue to provide ratepayers with energy from renewable sources. The sPower Shoreham (Leavenworth) solar project produces enough power in a single year to power approximately 1,700 households.

Borrego Staff

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