A better way to deliver

energy storage.

Borrego offers a better way to delivery energy storageBorrego offers a better way to delivery energy storage

Energy storage, engineered to perform.

As an early leader in grid-scale energy storage, Borrego knows what it takes to develop, design, and build energy storage systems for developers, IPPs, and utilities. With hundreds of megawatt hours of successful storage projects already installed and operational and more than 15 gigawatt-hours in our pipeline, we have refined the performance models, safety procedures, and commissioning strategies to optimize systems — and the relationships with integrators and battery vendors to deliver systems that work.

Energy Storage Expertise:

Industry-Leading Design & Implementation

It’s an exciting time for large-scale energy storage. Hear from Borrego’s storage engineering* team about our early experience on some of the most technically complex projects in the industry — and how we’ve turned our learnings into direct value for our customers through engineering, implementation, safety, product selection, and cost savings. You’ll also hear some innovative ways we’re using DC-coupled solar-plus-storage technology, enabling our customers to push more solar onto the grid.

safety with energy storage

Enhancing Energy Storage Safety

At Borrego, safety is one of our core guiding principles — and our top consideration as the industry develops new best practices for energy storage systems. As an early player in energy storage with a successful track record of battery installations, we understand the complexities of the new technology and evolving AHJ regulations and building codes. We have refined our processes to identify and reduce potential safety risks, work closely with battery vendors and integrators to build safer systems, understand and help to refine jurisdictional differences in permitting, and educate field and construction crews working with new battery technology.


Trusted Procurement Partner

After decades of working with top-tier clean energy vendors, Borrego has the long-standing relationships and buying power to mitigate volatility in the procurement pipeline and provide best-in-class battery technology at competitive prices. Our in-house product team carefully vets and prequalifies each component, and works closely with integrators to build systems that meet each project’s financial and performance goals.

working with the best clean energy vendors

Our energy grids are engineered for performance

Engineered for Performance

As an early leader in grid-scale energy storage, Borrego has already worked on some of the most groundbreaking energy storage projects in the industry, both standalone battery energy storage systems and solar plus storage. Our deep bench of in-house engineers perform meticulous due-diligence to engineer and optimize each project to perform for the long term. We understand the key metrics, financial goals, and system ownership costs for each energy storage system we work on — and partner with our customers to guide them through the complexities of engineering, permitting, and installing new battery technologies.


Full Lifecycle Services

As a full-scope solar & energy storage company, we deliver the full lifecycle of services, from EPC and system integration to O&M and warranty products. We have the in-house expertise to anticipate, mitigate, and resolve any challenges to the project, and we coordinate closely with integrators to optimize, install, test, and commission each system to perform as planned. Developers, IPPs, and regulated utilities can count on us to deliver seamless, turnkey projects. 

Borrego offers full lifecycle services for energy storage

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