You value your land.

We value your legacy.

Two men discuss a land lease for a solar farmTwo men discuss a land lease for a solar farm

When leasing your land
for solar, honesty counts.

At Borrego, we’ve built a reputation on transparent and open communication with  landowners and the communities where we work. Our knowledgeable project developers will guide you through the process of leasing your land for solar — partnering with you to create a reliable, long-lasting financial legacy for you and your family.

Landowners: Why lease your land for solar?

With a nationwide focus on locally-sourced renewable energy, landowners in many states across the country have an incredible opportunity to lease their land or rooftops for solar — whether for shared community solar or direct to utility projects. New clean energy policies and state incentives are directly impacting demand for more solar and energy storage, creating more opportunity for landowners to create decades of stable, passive income from their property.

What goes into a successful solar land lease?

First things first, we’ll work with you to assess your site and provide competitive lease rates for your area. We diligently handle all the details of your solar farm project — from conducting environmental studies and obtaining permits, to entitlement and receiving the interconnection service agreement from the local utility. We also pair your project with trusted renewable energy investors, focusing on the right fit for each long-term lease relationship. At each step of the way, we honor our relationships, and provide transparent and open communication with you and your community. 

Researching what goes into a successful solar land lease

High above a landowner lease solar farm below

What makes your site ideal for a solar lease?

We typically look for sites with as few as 15 or as many as 100+ acres of contiguous land. We factor in accessibility, shading, topography, and the proximity to existing utility infrastructure. We consider the soil conditions, conduct any necessary environmental studies, and take into consideration sight lines for neighboring properties. We also work with landowners to select the best site for a solar or energy storage system that won’t disrupt any of their current or planned future use. In short, landowner preferences and site viability go hand in hand.

Why Choose Borrego 

Cultivating a solid honest relationship

Trust and Transparency

We believe in cultivating solid, honest relationships based on trust and transparency. Simply put, our success over the last 40 years is built on the long-term partnerships we’ve cultivated with community representatives, local utilities, neighbors, and permitting authorities. We’re also a family-operated business, so we understand the importance of making thoughtful and careful choices for your land.

Locally Rooted Partnerships

Borrego has been developing and building successful solar projects for decades across the US — from the Northeast & New England, to the Midwest and West Coast. We have established deep ties with the communities where we work and are experts in each region’s local permitting, interconnection, utility, and engineering* needs.

Attention to Details

As an industry leading solar and energy storage developer, we know what it takes to deliver a finished project. Our careful and early due diligence with the utility and local permitting authorities minimizes wasted time and effort. We consider any challenges and risks at the start of any project, and communicate closely with all stakeholders to address all the variables so the project is a success.

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