Optimizing performance for better decisions in the solar marketplaceOptimizing performance for better decisions in the solar marketplace

Focus on what’s important.
Let us handle the rest.

When managing growth and optimizing performance are high on your list of worries, turn to an experienced O&M partner to take care of the details so you can focus on what matters most.

Meet Borrego O&M — We’re a national third-party service provider; a leader in the distributed generation market and now entering utility scale. We provide comprehensive solar and energy storage O&M services that maximize our customers’ asset performance and value.

Like you, we know that when O&M isn’t running well, it can lead to growing pains for organizations preparing to scale up. Hear from our customers about how we help them grow.

With a deep bench of technical expertise, field-proven processes, and innovative technology adoption, Borrego O&M is uniquely able to “scale-as-you-grow” and help you meet your business goals — whether it’s now or 10 years down the line.

Contact us today to see why Borrego O&M is the right maintenance provider to protect your large-scale solar and energy storage investments.

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How We Help Our Customers Grow

“As we rapidly expanded our portfolio in the Midwest, we hired Borrego to manage those assets even though their footprint didn’t cover that region yet. We are confident in Borrego’s ability to scale quickly and maintain the quality level of service driven by their technology and detailed processes that we’ve come to expect.”

—Jay Smith
Director of Asset Management Standard Solar

“REA is expecting rapid growth and we need a partner that can keep up with us. As we build, as we expand we need that strategic partner who can ensure the existing portfolio was running smoothly, producing at the level expected and managing any issues as they arise. Borrego is that partner. ”

Danielle Papajan
VP of Operations, REA Investments

Borrego O&M – By The Numbers

Borrego providing best-in-class engineering with our civil professional engineers

Borrego O&M treats your assets like our own

Though we’re often thought of as a developer and EPC provider, Borrego O&M’s team is at the forefront of emerging markets across the country, expanding rapidly and ensuring quality, to meet the needs of our customers’ growing portfolios. Of the 1.4 GW of assets under our management, 75% of them were built by third parties. And we’re backed by a reputation for technical excellence, technological innovation, and trust and transparency that our top-notch technicians bring into the field.

Uniquely Suited to Growth & Performance

  • Experience – Our technicians, area supervisors and regional managers have deep technical expertise, capable of providing the best solutions to problems that arise.
  • Communication and accountability – With automatic post-service reports and monthly performance reports capable of capturing the smallest details, your investments will never be overlooked.
  • High standards – Somebody had to make the rules, and we follow them. It’s not worth risking your assets when you can have a dedicated team of experts on call 365 days a year.
  • Technology adoption – Borrego’s efficient O&M technology and processes maintain quality standards with total compliance, facilitating growth.
Borrego providing best-in-class engineering with our civil professional engineers

Benefits of our Technology & Processes

Our backend CMMS and associated processes are built to give you real-time insights into the performance of your assets, maintain our quality standards no matter what geography your assets are in, save you time, and enable us to offer you favorable pricing. Also meet Joe Thorpe, Senior VP of Borrego Operations & Maintenance, as he talks about the benefits of our software and the time-tested processes we have that enable us to easily respond and adapt as our customers grow into new markets.

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