Better decisions.

Optimized performance.

Optimizing performance for better decisions in the solar marketplaceOptimizing performance for better decisions in the solar marketplace

With Borrego O&M, better decisions yield better performance.

Selecting the right operations and maintenance provider for your large-scale solar and energy storage assets is one of the most important decisions impacting the projected returns for your project. Borrego O&M has the technical expertise, gained from decades in the solar industry and the early adoption of energy storage, to help you optimize your system performance and achieve your financial goals. At every step of the way — whether it’s inspecting, troubleshooting, maintaining, or repairing your assets — we help you make better decisions that protect your investment for the long-term. 

Customer Q&A:

Industry-Leading Diagnostics & Scope

Borrego’s O&M division provides boots-on-the-ground resources nationwide for system owners and renewable energy investors. Hear what our customers say about our best-in-class operations and maintenance service.

Borrego showing industry leading O&M expertise

Industry-Leading O&M Expertise

Borrego O&M operates as an independent business to optimize and maintain your DG and utility-scale assets — no matter who installed them. With over 1 GW under our management nationwide, we provide boots on the ground in key DG markets and draw on a deep bench of Borrego engineers* and technical experts to deliver comprehensive solar maintenance and operations service to asset owners nationwide.


Data-Driven Decision Making

Borrego O&M brings a consultative approach and an owner’s mindset to operating and maintaining your large-scale solar and energy storage assets. As your long-term partner, we focus on what matters most — optimizing your system availability, mitigating risk, and proactively investigating and repairing issues that impact plant performance.

Using data-driven decision making in the solar workplace
A team showing proactive communication during a solar project

Proactive Communication

Borrego O&M has built our business around trust and transparency, which drives all aspects of our customer communications — from how we report on your plant performance to our billing process. We use real-time data and user friendly reporting so you have a steady flow of actionable information about your site and portfolio. And we proactively raise issues as they emerge, and follow through consistently and efficiently with processing your tickets, quotes and billing.

O&M Maintenance Packages

Using a Borrego maintenance package

Our Maintenance Packages

Having a comprehensive preventative maintenance plan is the best way to ensure optimal plant performance year round — and an easy way to protect your investment from costly, avoidable repairs. Borrego O&M offers three customizable O&M service packages to suit a wide variety of facility needs with respect to warranties, panel washing, vegetation management, and response times.

Repairs & Special Projects

Borrego worker projecting repairs on a solar project

Repairs & Special Projects

When it comes to large-scale solar operations, we’ve seen it all: weather damage, soil movement, aging equipment, complex roof replacements, technology upgrades, and many other issues that cause your site to underperform. Our O&M Special Projects team can inspect, troubleshoot, and repair your plant with efficiency, expertise, and transparent communication.

Performance Monitoring

Borrego's performance monitoring service

Performance Monitoring

As part of our performance monitoring service, our control center operates 7 days a week, 365 days a year to keep track of each system in our portfolio — enabling us to dispatch quickly when situations arise. Our operations center technicians use real-time data, backed by reliable technology that provides user-friendly reporting and enables us to communicate efficiently with system owners.

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