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Optimizing performance for better decisions in the solar marketplaceOptimizing performance for better decisions in the solar marketplace

Our plant monitoring center extends the reach of your solar performance team.

Through our NERC compliant operations center, we monitor plant performance for our clients’ commercial and utility scale solar assets — 7 days a week, 365 days a year. Our skilled monitoring staff evaluate alarms, investigate anomalies in plant data, and proactively identify emerging issues or corrective maintenance needs.

2021 Borrego O&M Operations Center Volume

“All potential thorns in our side with third-party solar O&M have been positive with Borrego. Going from commissioning to Borrego service maintenance during operation was pretty seamless because of their efficient and effective onboarding process.”

Carter Carlson
Asset Manager
Renewable Properties

Monitoring & Case Management

We follow a detailed and disciplined process for monitoring and managing O&M cases that draws on our expertise and enabling technology. The operations center staff are the first point of contact for customer service inquiries and for evaluating our energy storage and solar plant fleet for potential issues that need correction. From there, newly created cases are reviewed by Area Supervisors before deployment.

Using data-driven decision making in the solar workplace
Borrego showing industry leading O&M expertise

Performance Engineering Review

Besides the operations center and Area Supervisor staff, your solar assets have the attention of our in-house O&M engineers*. This team specializes in operations and maintenance engineering and routinely reviews portfolios where we have truck roll authority and where we measure and report on performance. They investigate and create cases where needed, and provide additional engineering services such as root cause analysis for underperforming commercial and utility-scale solar and storage systems.

Extension of O&M Field Staff

In addition to solar performance monitoring and case creation, the operations center is also responsible for customer onboarding and supporting our O&M technicians and electricians. As part of the case management process, the operations center handles calls from our staff to know when cases are complete and to trigger the case closure reporting. They also provide real-time technology and IT tools to the field staff, such as on-demand maintenance checklists to match different manufacturer equipment found onsite.

Using data-driven decision making in the solar workplace

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