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Aeriel view of a large field and forest for Solar DevelopmentAeriel view of a large field and forest for Solar Development

Our solar developers deliver more value.

As clean energy pioneers, Borrego’s development team combines decades of experience with a deep understanding of regional policies and interconnection rules. Always looking ahead to mitigate risk and create value for our customers, we specialize in identifying, optimizing, and developing the most financially valuable sites for utility scale, community solar, solar plus storage, and standalone storage projects.

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A Partner Invested in Your Success

At Borrego, we strive to develop sustainable, long-term relationships with our customers. We know how to navigate the typical challenges that come with development projects — and it’s nice to hear that our customers appreciate our problem solving, creativity, and collaboration.

Large community solar installation

We Speak Utility Scale & Community Solar

Borrego has a deep bench of in-house engineers*, interconnection experts, and real estate professionals working exclusively on developing utility scale, community solar, standalone solar, and solar-plus-storage projects. We understand the nuances of large site development, anticipate and mitigate project risks, and optimize the value of each project.


When Developing Solar & Storage Assets, Experience Counts

With decades of experience in the solar industry and early adoption of energy storage technology, we have the pioneering wisdom and well-honed processes to guide our customers through each stage of their solar and energy storage investments. 

Solar contractors discussing energy storage

Solar panel with sunlight in the distance

Worthy opportunities for a worthy mission.

We believe in developing long-term, honest relationships with our customers, local utilities, community representatives, and landowners. We demonstrate care and competence in every decision, and focus on what matters most — identifying and developing the best clean energy opportunities for our partners.

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