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Borrego providing better solar EPC Borrego providing better solar EPC

Not all solar EPCs are built the same.

For decades, our EPC team has been optimizing solar and storage designs for maximum returns and proactively guiding our customers through critical project decisions. We leverage collaboration — internally and externally — to ensure that each project is executed with care, and focus on helping our utility scale and distributed generation partners grow their business.

Customer Q&A:

Data-Driven Creativity

At Borrego, we focus on discovering and delivering what our customers value most. So it’s always nice when we hear from our customers about what they appreciate most working with our EPC team for their projects.

Borrego providing best-in-class engineering with our civil professional engineers

Professional Engineering*

Having our own team of in-house electrical, structural, and civil professional engineers ensures that our designs are optimized for each customer’s specific needs — no matter their financial goals, schedule requirements, length of asset ownership, and risk appetite. We also bring valuable engineering skills at critical times in the development process, helping many of our customers get through late state development with acquired projects.


Best-in-Class Procurement

As one of the industry’s oldest and most reliable solar and storage companies, we have long-standing supplier relationships to deliver the best value and most favorable pricing, warranty terms & supply agreements from top-tier vendors. We conduct a thorough vetting process and choose only the best components for each project.

Borrego providing best-in-class procurement services

Borrego providing safe and high quality construction work

Safe & High Quality Construction

At Borrego, safety, quality, efficiency and clear communication are our top priorities. Our seasoned construction managers deliver accurate work on a dependable schedule, and execute projects with meticulous care and safety. We have a network of preferred subcontractors across each region, giving us the flexibility to mobilize quickly and ensure your project will be built on time and within budget.


Trust and Transparency

We believe in building long-term relationships and providing proactive, honest communication through each project’s life cycle. Whether you’re an early-stage developer or long-term solar owner, you’ll receive deal-level transparency, project clarity, and real-time performance updates on your project.

Trust and transparency in the solar marketplace

Investor Type

An example of large-scale solar and energy storage

Optimizing & Delivering Large-Scale Solar & Energy Storage

No matter what your length of ownership or financial investment, you can trust Borrego to optimize your project and provide proactive, honest communication at each step of the way. We’re guided by decades of technical expertise and the discipline of lean management, making us a reliable EPC partner for all your solar and energy storage investment needs.

Early Stage Developers

Focusing on the early stages of solar development

Early Stage Developers

As previous developers ourselves, Borrego understands your perspective, needs, and language. With a focus on lean processes, optimized designs that improve financial returns, and accurate and tenacious execution, we’re a reliable and value-add EPC partner for your asset buyers.

Solar Financiers

Accurate quotes from solar financiers

Solar Financiers

We understand the priorities of short-term investments in solar & energy storage projects. With decades of experience and dependable processes, we can ensure accurate quotes and project schedules. Our in-house engineers and regional interconnection experts provide valuable insights, ensuring that your project can achieve its projected returns and stay on track with utility schedules.

Long Term Asset Owners

Installation of solar EPC project

Long Term Asset Owners

With decades of experience installing solar projects and 1.4GW under O&M service management, Borrego brings a deep awareness of the full project lifecycle for each project. When working with long-term asset owners, we make recommendations that are important to your long-term financial goals and focus on the details that matter to you and your project performance.

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