Community Solar Projects

Community Solar

West Orange Rd - Orange, MA

13.8 MW

Borrego's EPC built two community solar projects totaling 13.8 MW in Orange, Massachusetts for system owner AES. 

Community Solar

Shore Rd - North Brookfield, MA

8.4 MW Solar + 10.6 MWh Storage

Borrego EPC designed and built this DC-coupled community solar and storage project in North Brookfield, MA.

Community Solar

Blodgett St - Tyngsboro, MA

10 MW Solar + 15.3 MWh Storage

Borrego EPC designed and built this solar plus storage project in Tyngsboro, MA, for Clearway Energy Group. The DC-coupled system which comprises 10 MW of solar and 15.3 MWh of energy storage, was designed with high DC-to-AC ratios, enabling the system owner to push more solar onto the grid through the Community Solar model.

Community Solar

Tjossem Rd, Ellensburg, WA

6.7 MW

Borrego’s first project in Washington, our EPC team built this 6.7 MW project, owned by Greenbacker. This system is the only solar site in Ellensburg, WA.

Community Solar

Illinois Portfolio

38 MW

Borrego’s EPC brought years of learnings and expertise to a budding Illinois solar market with this 13 site portfolio totaling 38 MW of energy across Illinois.

Community Solar

Searsmont Rd - Lincolnville, ME

5.9 MW

As part of a growing number of solar projects built in Maine, Borrego worked with system owner SunRaise to build a 5.9 MW ground mount solar system in Lincolnville, ME.

Community Solar

7.4 MW of Community Solar - China, Maine

7.4 MW

Borrego designed and built a 7.4 MW ground mount solar project in China, Maine.

Community Solar

Pleasant St - Dunstable, MA

10.4 MW solar + 4.5 MW / 20.1 MWh storage

Borrego EPC designed and built this solar plus storage project in Dunstable, MA for AES. This innovative project optimizes battery technology by combining a 20 MWh Fluence energy storage battery system with 10.5 MW of ground mounted solar, all within the same interconnection.

Community Solar

Allis Road - Medina, NY

7.3 MW

Borrego developed, designed, and built this community solar project in Medina, NY. The 7.3 MW solar system, owned by AES, is expected to generate enough clean energy to power approximately 795 homes and offset more than 5,400 metric tons of carbon dioxide annually.

Community Solar

South Main - Freetown, MA

11.7 MW Solar + 26 MWh Storage

Borrego developed, designed, and built this turnkey solar plus storage project on a formerly capped landfill.

Community Solar

Bullock Road Solar + Storage

12 MW Solar + 26 MWh Storage

Borrego developed, designed, and built this complex solar-plus-storage project in Freetown, MA. Working at the forefront of large scale solar and storage technology, Borrego engineered this DC-coupled system with high DC-to-AC ratios to enable the system owner to push more clean energy onto the local electrical grid.

Community Solar

Belfast, Maine — Community Solar

7.1 MW

Borrego EPC designed and built a 7.1 MW ground mounted solar project in Belfast, Maine.

Community Solar

85 Wauwinet Road

1.3 MW

Borrego Solar developed, designed, and built a 1.3 MW community solar project in Barre, Mass. that is generating clean energy alongside the landowner’s farming operations. Clearway Energy Group owns the project.

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