Energy Storage Projects

Energy Storage

Bullock Road Solar + Storage

12 MW Solar + 26 MWh Storage

Borrego developed, designed, and built this complex solar-plus-storage project in Freetown, MA. Working at the forefront of large scale solar and storage technology, Borrego engineered this DC-coupled system with high DC-to-AC ratios to enable the system owner to push more clean energy onto the local electrical grid.

Energy Storage

South Main - Freetown, MA

11.7 MW Solar + 26 MWh Storage

Borrego developed, designed, and built this turnkey solar plus storage project on a formerly capped landfill.

Energy Storage

Shore Rd - North Brookfield, MA

8.4 MW Solar + 10.6 MWh Storage

Borrego EPC designed and built this DC-coupled community solar and storage project in North Brookfield, MA.

Energy Storage

Williamsville Rd - Hubbardston, MA

7 MW Solar + 7 MWh Storage

Borrego built this project for Clearway Energy Group, which includes 7 MW of ground mounted solar and 7 MWH IHI-integrated energy storage.

Energy Storage

Braintree Electric Light Department

2 MW / 4.2 MWH

Borrego Solar developed, designed, and managed the installation of a 2 megawatt/4.2 megawatt-hour lithium-ion energy storage system for Braintree Electric Light Department (BELD).

Energy Storage

University of Massachusetts Amherst - Energy Storage

1.3 MW ES

Borrego installed this 1.3 MW battery storage system for the University of Massachusetts Amherst.

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