Southern California Edison—Seneca

8.39 MW

This 8.3 MW ground-mount is part of the second portfolio of projects Borrego Solar completed under the Southern California Edison CREST program, and the fourth portfolio of projects within the utility load zone.

Large Commercial

Worcester's Greenwood Street Landfill

8.1 MW

Borrego Solar developed, designed, permitted and installed the Worcester solar landfill project. We will also be providing O&M services.

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Sacramento International Airport

7.9 MW

The 7.9MW Sacramento Airport solar project consists of a 15-acre east site on Aviation Drive and a 20-acre site north of the runway. The facility is comprised of more than 23,000 LG solar panels mounted on NEXTracker racking that tracks the sun’s path from east to west over the course of the day, maximizing efficiency and energy production.

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Six Flags Discovery Kingdom

7.5 MW

Borrego Solar recently completed construction on a 7.5MW carport solar project on Six Flags Discovery Kingdom's main parking lot. The installation is the first solar project for a theme park in the west and one of the largest carport installations in the country.

Community Solar

Belfast, Maine — Community Solar

7.1 MW

Borrego EPC designed and built a 7.1 MW ground mounted solar project in Belfast, Maine.

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High Hill Road/Purchase Street/Braley Road

6.2 MW

Borrego Solar’s Project Developers work with large commercial customers in a variety of ways.

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Bay Area Biotechnology Company

6 MW

Borrego Solar developed, designed and installed roof-top and carport solar across 14 sites at a large corporate campus of a Bay Area biotechnology company. The project was completed in May 2018.

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Palmer Metropolitan Airfield

6 MW

The Palmer Airfield project is unique in that it is both the first and, at 6 MW, the largest Department of Energy Resources (DOER) qualified brownfield project under the Massachusetts SREC II solar energy incentive program.

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Chaffey Community College District

5.5 MW

Borrego Solar designed and built the 5.5 megawatts of solar carports on parking lots across three sites: 4.4 MW at Chaffey College, 775 kilowatts (kW) at the Chino Campus and 305 kW at the Fontana campus.

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San Diego International Airport

5.5 MW

San Diego International Airport is expected to save millions in energy costs over the course of the 20-year power purchase agreement with NRG, the owner of the system, which enabled the Airport Authority to go solar with no upfront cost.

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Gore Mountain Ski Resort (Olympic Regional Development Authority)

5.3 MW

The Gore Mountain Ski Resort solar project is the largest solar installation dedicated to a ski resort in the nation. The project supports NY Governor Cuomo’s goal to have 50 percent of the State’s electricity come from renewable sources by 2030.

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5MW Solar System at Pacific Ethanol Plant

5 MW

Borrego designed and built this 5MW tracker solar array at Pacific Ethanol's Madera, Calif. plant. The solar system will meet 2/3 of its energy demand and is estimated to save the company $1 million in energy costs annually.