Community Solar

Allis Road - Medina, NY

7.3 MW

Borrego developed, designed, and built this community solar project in Medina, NY. The 7.3 MW solar system, owned by AES, is expected to generate enough clean energy to power approximately 795 homes and offset more than 5,400 metric tons of carbon dioxide annually.


Bodega Ave - Petaluma, CA

2.5 MW

Borrego EPC designed and built a 2.5 MW ground mount solar project on a 20 acre parcel in Petaluma, located in Sonoma County.

Community Solar

South Main - Freetown, MA

11.7 MW Solar + 26 MWh Storage

Borrego developed, designed, and built this turnkey solar plus storage project on a formerly capped landfill.

Community Solar

Bullock Road Solar + Storage

12 MW Solar + 26 MWh Storage

Borrego developed, designed, and built this complex solar-plus-storage project in Freetown, MA. Working at the forefront of large scale solar and storage technology, Borrego engineered this DC-coupled system with high DC-to-AC ratios to enable the system owner to push more clean energy onto the local electrical grid.


Utility Scale Solar in Milo, Maine

27 MW

Borrego designed and built a 27 MW ground mounted utility solar project in Milo, Maine.

Large Commercial

University of Massachusetts

17 MW

Borrego Solar designed and constructed this portfolio of fixed tilt ground-mounts totaling 17 MW DC, that is virtually net-metered to several University of Massachusetts campus facilities.


sPower Shoreham Solar Project

14.3 MW

The sPower Shoreham solar project is in the Village of Shoreham in Suffolk County, Long Island.  This is Borrego Solar's fourth completed utility project on Long Island.


National Grid Utility Solar Portfolio

12.8 MW

National Grid is investing in 12.8 megawatts of solar capacity as part of its plan to bring additional utility-owned solar generation to Massachusetts.

Large Commercial

Plymouth Public Schools District

10.2 MW

Plymouth Public Schools saves ~$400,000 annually in energy costs, and all without incurring the upfront $11 million cost to build the project.


sPower Riverhead Solar Farm

9.1 MW

The sPower Sutter and Sterlington solar projects in the Town of Riverhead, Suffolk County, Long Island. The two projects comprise the sPower Riverhead Solar Farm. 


Southern California Edison—Seneca

8.39 MW

This 8.3 MW ground-mount is part of the second portfolio of projects Borrego Solar completed under the Southern California Edison CREST program, and the fourth portfolio of projects within the utility load zone.

Large Commercial

Worcester's Greenwood Street Landfill

8.1 MW

Borrego Solar developed, designed, permitted and installed the Worcester solar landfill project. We will also be providing O&M services.

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